Template Disaster Plan

Given our track-record in project managing and salvaging disasters in libraries and archives, why not use this extensive experience to your advantage when composing or reviewing your plan? Harwell’s professional edge may help ensure your plan's efficacy if it is ever put into practice.

We have developed a template plan based on our practical experience and elements of current standards and best practice. In any institution it requires your input and adaptation, but may be a useful starting point if you have nothing in place, or a useful point of comparison if you are reviewing your existing plan.

We have substantially reviewed the document and now have two versions for you to choose from. The longer version incorporates issues of building restoration and facilities issues, business or service continuity, dealing with the press and so on, most likely required for large or independent institutions. The shorter version is targeted at organisations for whom facilities issues are dealt with entirely by sub-contractors or other departments within their wider organisation (with whom pre-incident interfacing and liaison is vital), and their focus in disaster situations would solely be on strategic management and dealing with the damaged collections. The longer version can be downloaded here, the shorter version here. If you are not sure which document applies to you, please contact us.

If you would like to get a quotation for bespoke plan composition, please contact us.