Harwell Priority User Plus

As an existing Priority User of Harwell, you are already entitled to a wide range of enhanced service levels that will ensure that in the event of fire or flood damage to your collections, you have priority access to Harwell's restoration facilities, workforce and unrivalled expertise. Additionally, you are entitled to various free services and discounts on all restoration methods.

Priority User Plus is an optional extra for existing subscribers in the UK, offering extra peace of mind for any future fire or flood damage incident, by guaranteeing unlimited free onsite salvage, packing & transportation of any damaged items from any of your organisation's premises to Harwell's main freezer stores at Harwell. No limits are imposed on the number of times this service can be utilised in a subscription year, and the collection and transport charges are free regardless of there is one wet book or ten thousand fire-damaged archive boxes.

Which Priority Users will benefit most?

The free transport and onsite salvage offer will benefit most:

  • Self-insured institutions (e.g. central government departments, national collections)
  • Private Sector companies with multiple UK sites (e.g. banks, pharmaceutical firms)
  • County Councils and other local authorities (the service covers all council properties, including local libraries, schools, municipal offices etc)

If you would like to register for Priority User Plus, please complete the form below. If you would like further information please contact us.

If you are based in Ireland and your institution is not liable to pay VAT on UK invoices, please give the reference number here
If you would like us to quote a purchase order number on the subscription invoice, please give the number here (not required).
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You will be registered as a Priority User Plus member immediately. A Welcome Letter will be sent, detailing cover and the hotline number. There is no need to send immediate payment: an invoice will be sent by the end of the month. Details for credit card payments will be sent with the invoice.