Customer feedback

Harwell deals with on average 450 instructions per year from a range of different sources. Here are just some of the client testimonials from customers very happy with the services we provided.

Corporate Administration Manager, Wycombe District Council

“We contacted Harwell Document Restoration Services following a major leak in our archive storage facilities.

The information given, quotes and follow up services enabled us to effectively retrieve the documents we needed to retain and make the files available to the services within a very short timespan. Our Legal and Housing departments were extremely pleased with the service provided and also found the costs involved to be very competitive. We would not hesitate to use Harwell Document Restoration Services again, should the need arise.”

Facilities Management, Royal Liver

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you did. The service provided by Harwell was great and the turnaround was very fast. I hope we don't need to use you again! but I have every confidence that we will be in safe hands if we do need to.”

Manuscripts and Special Collections, The University of Nottingham

“We have been extremely relieved to find that most of the material was in such a good condition. The damage has been very limited in view of the amount of material actually affected by the flood. I just wanted to thank you and your team for dealing so efficiently and effectively with our material and thanks to you also for keeping us informed of what was happening etc. at the time.”

Data Centre Manager, records management company

“I would just like to say thank you for your prompt action with regard to restoring the wet boxes:

  • Very fast and efficient response;
  • Positive lines of communication throughout the process;
  • Very reasonable timescales.”

Account Manager for records management company, Sheffield.

“Thanks for your rapid response. Feedback has been that your employees were efficient, helpful and polite throughout the operation, something that was much appreciated in light of the emotional effect events such as these have on peoples' work and personal lives.”

University Archivist, University of Hull.

“It is difficult to believe that the same boxes and files were water-logged and looked to be unsalvageable - it is very impressive. Our use of Harwell's services enabled the treatment and preservation of material - in quantities, at a speed and with a level of success which would not have been possible otherwise. I am certainly glad that we took the decision to register as Priority Users and so set up a relationship with them as suppliers several years ago.”

Deputy Court Manager, HM Courts Service

“The service that Harwell provided was in my opinion an excellent one.

Several times an urgent call had to be made to request a file more urgently, Kathryn ensured that the particular file in question was extracted and cleaned and returned as quickly as possible even though that batch may not have been due to be returned at that time.

This meant I could meet customer needs, court hearings were not delayed by lack of file and in general the throughput of work was unaffected. The first files to be cleaned were done very quickly as they were required for hearings within days and these were done overnight at short notice request.

The delivery and method of restored files was very efficient, everything was boxed and labelled and estimated delivery times and dates were always provided in advance. The driver delivering always carried all boxes down to the basement offices were Leigh were working from and I always found him to be very polite and accommodating.”