Fast tracking

Imagine if a University suffered flood damage to its current exam scripts, or if a business' hard-copy financial records were fire damaged three days before their VAT return was due, or health records of an in-hospital patient were damaged. Failure to have these items could result in legal repercussions, terrible PR and a breakdown in the business and service continuity of the institution.

Due to the demands of business continuity, some damaged paper based items after a fire or flood will be required for urgent restoration in order to meet business and operational needs and failure to return such documents quickly can result in escalating claims costs. Due to the scale, capability and capacity of our operation, Harwell can easily contend with these urgent file requests.

To solve these problems, Harwell operates 'fast-tracking' for critical data, which can be returned on a priority basis. Harwell Project Managers discuss any business or operational continuity needs with customers at the point of salvage and can then earmark such crucial items for priority return, liaising with the customer at all times.

An example of this service in action is our work undertaken for a County Court building, where case files were urgently requested for return after an arson attack. Failure to deliver these files back would have resulted in cancelled court dates and significant increased costs for several parties.

The Deputy Court Manager, comments:

“The service that Harwell provided was in my opinion an excellent one.

Several times an urgent call had to be made to request a file more urgently, Kathryn ensured that the particular file in question was extracted and cleaned and returned as quickly as possible even though that batch may not have been due to be returned at that time.

This meant I could meet customer needs, court hearings were not delayed by lack of file and in general the throughput of work was unaffected. The first files to be cleaned were done very quickly as they were required for hearings within days and these were done overnight at short notice request.”