Enhanced service levels for Priority Users

Subscribers to the Priority User Service receive entitlement to a range of member benefit designed to assure a fast, 24-hour response to a fire or flood incident, reduce the overall cost of the incident, minimise service interruption and priority access to professionals with extensive experience in library and archival damage management. Over 800 institutions already subscribe, including most local authorities, each of the UK and Ireland's respective national libraries and archives and many others.

Benefits include:

  • Coverage for all your institution's buildings, throughout the UK*
  • Free 24-hour call-out, 365 days per year
  • Free onsite assessment, consultancy and project management of salvage operation
  • Dedicated 24-hour hotline
  • Free freezer storage
  • Free crate hire
  • 33% discount on water-damage restoration
  • 25% discount on fire-damage restoration
  • 25% discount on decontamination of biohazards
  • 25% discount on transportation and onsite salvage and packing by Harwell's damage management technicians
  • Priority access to Harwell's Technicians, Project Managers, vehicles and restoration facilities
  • Free review of your existing disaster plan
  • 33% discount on Harwell Priority User Services, including all Courses,
  • Disaster Planning Consultancy, Waste Disposal, Conservation Services
  • Deinfestation etc (please see our sister site, Harwell Support Services).

If you would like to find out more about the Priority User Service, please contact us.

Click here to find out how you can get totally free transport onsite salvage with Priority User Plus.

* One policy covers all buildings in your organisation: the service is not just limited to one archive, library or records store. This means that for a local authority, all schools, municipal offices, libraries, museums and archives will be covered; for a bank, all branches will be covered, as well as head office and central records, as well as any material retained externally with commercial records management firms.