Disaster recovery for documents, books and artwork
Disaster recovery for documents, books and artwork
Disaster recovery for documents, books and artwork

Harwell Document Restoration Services

When documents are damaged, you need a service provider who can restore and reinstate the records quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price. Harwell Document Restoration Services is an award-winning specialist service provider in the recovery and reinstatement of documents, books, photographs and artwork after damage and constitutes an excellent choice for your document restoration partner.

As the UK's leading document restoration specialist, Harwell boasts the largest capacity, most significant major-loss experience and the most prestigious customer portfolio in this aspect of damage management.

Our unrivalled experience and expertise ensures impeccable service standards from the time of the initial call until the point of return delivery. Utilising Harwell Document Restoration Services will:

  • Reduce claim costs for insurer and insured alike
  • Mitigate consequential loss
  • Minimise business interruption
  • Provide a turnkey solution, meeting the specific needs of each client
  • Ensure that document retention obligations are met

You can call on us to restore:

  • Financial documentation and other business records
  • Legal documentation (including deeds)
  • Archival documents (including parchment)
  • School materials (exercise books, textbooks, teaching materials)
  • Photographs (albums, prints, slides, transparencies, black & white/colour)
  • Maps, plans, blueprints, architectural drawings
  • Books (modern and antiquarian in a wide range of bindings and covers, including leather, & vellum)
  • Prints, drawings, works of art on paper
  • Oil paintings and watercolours
  • Audio-visual media (tapes, videos, DVDs, microfilm etc)
  • Plus many other objects

For further information you can contact Harwell Document Restoration Services on 0800 019 9990 or go to the online form.

For immediate document restoration assistance, contact us on 0800 019 9990.

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